Eger is the western gate of the Bükk Mountains. It is county seat and archbishop’s residence, rich in historical monuments and cultural sights, a centre of education. Secular sights include the medieval castle which had crucial role in stopping the Turkish invasion in the 16th century. Turkish minaret of the 17th century is the furthest one to the north in Europe. The building of the Catholic High School of Church was completed in 1784, and it now operates as a University. The seat of Heves county local government is decorated with a wrought-iron gate by Henrik Fazola. There are a large number of residential houses in Baroque style that is why Eger often called the Jewel of Bükk Mountains. Ecclesiastical monuments include the neoclassical Cathedral, the Baroque Archbishop’s palace, Franciscan monastery and church, the Minorite church and monastery. The town and its surrounding is wellknown as a famous historical wine region. The residents have been involved in grape and wine production for almost a thousand years, producing excellent red wines as Egri Bikavér, Egri Merlot, or white wines like Egri Leányka. The age of the oldest wine cellars is over 400 years, so it is most recommended to visit one of them for a wine tasting and enjoy the elegance and special aroma of Eger.

View of Eger

How to get to Eger?

By train

Trains leave the Budapest Keleti station several times a day. The ones leaving at odd hours are direct, some other ones require you to change trains in Füzesabony. Most of these trains are fast trains and will take about two hours and 20 minutes to arrive. Hourly IC trains will take you directly to Füzesabony, cutting the total travel time to just under two hours, but a reservation is required.
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By bus

Buses leave Budapest’s Stadionok station for Eger at least twice an hour and the trip takes a little over two hours . Less if you travel with the express service. Most major cities in Hungary also have direct bus connections to Eger.
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By car

The easiest way to arrive is to take the M3 as far as Füzesabony, then continue north on route 25. For a more scenic route from Miskolc you can drive through the windy roads of the Bükk mountains.
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