Excursion – City Walk and Visit to the Eger Castle

Date: 21 May, 2016, afternoon

Guided walking tour through the cobbled streets of the historical sights of downtown Eger, famous for its Baroque architecture, while we are getting closer to the medieval walls of Eger Castle. The fortress is well known for the heroic struggle of its defenders against the Turkish army during the siege of 1552. The Hungarian defenders managed to withstand a five-week siege by a force about forty times its size. This heroic show of defiance is considered to be one of the most outstanding military events in Hungarian history. Inside visit of the Castle (entrance ticket included).

View of Eger

Castle of Eger

After the tour you can enjoy a tasty Hungarian style dinner in a 220-year-old wine cellar with Gipsy music and funny games. During the dinner you can taste the best wines of the region and visit the wine museum with its more than 500 different wines from all Hungary.


Bottles in old style